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 === Rules ===

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=== Rules === Empty
PostSubject: === Rules ===   === Rules === I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2015 5:12 pm

§1 - Proper Content
1.1 - Illegal contents of all sorts are forbidden (also their endorsement, especially cracks/pirate copies)
1.2 - Racist contents of all sorts are forbidden
1.3 - Pornographic contents of all sorts are forbidden

§2 - No Spam
2.1 - Needless and/or doubled posts (spam) are forbidden, no "+1", "inb4" etc.
2.2 - The forum is NOT a chat room! Behave accordingly! No unsubstantial/very short posts!
2.3 - It is forbidden to edit posts just to mark these as being new (pushing)
2.4 - Only use tags (especially spoiler, more and quote) where they really make sense

§3 - No Flame
3.1 - No Posts which offend/provoke/insult other people or groups (flame)

§4 - Proper Language
4.1 - Use proper, understandable language and no dialects (and also no translation tools)
4.2 - "1337-Speak" (and the like) is not allowed
4.3 - Only English/German (depending on section) is allowed - NO OTHER LANGUAGES!
4.4 - Titles/texts in capital letters are impolite and undesired
4.5 - Stick to the point! Do not write stuff which is not related to the original topic!

§5 - Additional Rules
5.1 - Show good behavior and simply don't be a stupid asshole
5.2 - No advertisement, ref-links, clan threads and forum games
5.3 - No memes, ASCII art or comparable fun pictures! Go to 4Chan with those!
5.4 - Do not use temporary e-mail addresses for your account and no proxy for registration
5.5 - Do not behave like a moderator and do not comment rule violations or spam

You will get a ban when you violate the rules. A banned account is very limited. It is not allowed to get a new account. Every person is only allowed to have one single account.
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=== Rules ===
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